For many of us the fear of how a tattoo will look on ageing skin, is the main reason we decide not to get inked.

After all, while a sleeve of tattoos might seem appealing at the age of 22, how will it look on an over-60 with crepey skin?

Now thanks to a series of pictures of heavily tattooed elderly men and women posing in their underwear, we can see how the body art of youth looks on a mature physique.

tattoo tenerife

In a series of submissions to BoredPanda several elderly people with an edge, being dubbed Old Age Hipsters, aim to prove that inkings can be just as rebellious at 60 as they are at 16.

Far from subtle, the collection of photographs sees the group of elderly tattoo fans displaying huge and often full body designs. For one older tough guy, tattoos aren’t enough and he had further adorned his body with double nipple piercings.

tattoo tenerife
According to the Harris Institute of Research it was revealed in April last year that those who are choosing to decorate their skin seem to be on the whole happy with the result with 86 per cent of those questioned have ‘never regretted’ their tattoos.

This woman clearly has no regrets about her full sleeve as she proudly showcases a bare arm.



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