1. The Walking Dead

This might be the most badass capitalization on the Zombie resurgence of the past few years, or it may very well be a passing fad that Rick Genest, a young Canadian man from Montreal may regret in the not so distant future. The young man has undergone extensive tattooing in order to look like a Zombie.

2. Skull Spikes

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The trans dermal implants are, what else, implanted into the head to a degree, while the rest of the implant, a steel spike, protrudes from the top of the head. Part heavy metal, part Mad Max, and part terrifying, the trend of trans dermal steel spike implants is actually not as uncommon as you might think.

3. The Leopard Man

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73-year-old Tom Leppard was once the most tattooed man on earth, thanks to the unmistakable spots tattooed all over his body.

4. The Lizard Man

Eric Sprague, AKA “The Lizard Man,” took the idea of a snake tongue so, so much further. One of the first documented people to actually have their tongue split, I can most likely thank Sprague for the split tongue that crossed my path.

5. Cat Man

Dennis Avner truly does look like a tiger. The amount of facial modification the Cat Man has undergone alone has helped him achieve his goal of looking like the giant cat. Avner has endured stripes tattooed all across his face, sub dermal implants in his cheeks.

6. The Enigma

Covered in tattoos of blue puzzle pieces and known for his performance art that includes acts involving swords and power drills, the Enigma also has dermal implants resembling horns in his forehead.

7. Labret

Labret piercings are very common form of body art.

8. Ear Arm

Moving on from tentacles there really is just no making up what some people will implant into their bodies. For performance artist Stelarc, born Stelios Arcadious, silicone tentacles just didn’t quite cut it. Instead, he searched, for a decade, to find a surgeon willing to implant an ear into his forearm, a legitimate human ear.

source: http://www.therichest.com/

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